Be Your Love is a campaign created by women and for women.It was born out of necessity to counter the values imposed by society and to reclaim the female beauty, both exterior and interior, of each and every one of us.

As women, we must accept, love and understand ourselves. Only if we are able to fully love ourselves can we love others. But first, you have to be yourself. Yes, yourself, exactly as you are as you are with all those imperfections that make you perfect and unique.

The campaign consists of a set of studio photographs and videos of different women of different ages, with the aim of transmitting their naturalness.

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From an early age we are taught to love the people who make up our family, to love the place we were born… but we are never taught to love ourselves. In the country where I am from, to be born and to live as a woman is a great misfortune. But for me this misfortune became the passport to a better life and to happiness.

During my childhood, I was so wrapped up in learning to please others that I was never aware of myself. But there came a time when I had to stop and to look at the past in order to retrieve my essence. And in that long journey, I found myself as a woman, as an Indian woman with a painful past to assimilate, accept and love.

Then, with all those mixed feelings and emotional setbacks, I found myself. Like when you face yourself in the mirror, I learned to recognise myself. First shyly, and afraid, but as time progressed, I was absorbing everything.

I began to love my skin, tanned and brown and which made me different from others. I also began to discover important moments of my life in every scar and mark on my body.

I accepted myself asI was to begin to love myself but it is a long journey, a daily learning process towards the self-awareness needed to accept yourself and to be able to accept others just as they are.

Over the years, you learn to love yourself, to accept the passage of time evident in your body as you age. The body is the gateway to the soul and if you do not value it, your life is meaningless, worthless.
So every day as I get up, after giving thanks for a new day of life, I look in the mirror and I remind myself of my inner light. I have a whole life available to me to in turn give life, and I have to live every day as a gift that I have give.

Only in this way does it make sense for me to love myself: I love myself through my eyes and always so that I can give myself to others.

Asha Miró

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